April 12, 2024

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3 crucial aspects of a modern information system for health care companies

Like most industries, healthcare has been remodeled by details. The ability to assemble, retailer, and analyse large amounts of knowledge can enable health care organisations enhance affected individual encounter and provide additional personalised companies. The details can even be applied to determine patterns and trends that could guide to breakthroughs in therapy and prevention.

However, tapping into the entire added benefits of facts is less complicated mentioned than accomplished.

Health care data come from many different sources. From individual types and bookings to exam success and diagnostic imaging, each individual amasses a sizable electronic overall health document. This info blend is established to develop, as physicians increasingly embrace new technologies such as wearable products and the Web of Factors (IoT) to gather more patient information.

How can healthcare organisations shop and control this info? At Pure Storage, we do the job with healthcare organisations around the globe to help them realise the total worth of their knowledge, these types of as implementing lightning quickly SSD storage and carrying out away with the need for disruptive components upgrades.

To tame the growing volume and complexity of clinical, economic and operational info, we glimpse at 3 important necessary components of a present day facts approach: security, availability, and effectiveness.

Stability and privacy

Your own medical information is among the most private and sensitive in the world, and securing that knowledge is a essential initially stage. In 2020, a research by cybersecurity agency Ensign InfoSecurity revealed that the healthcare sector was worst-hit by the maximize in cyber-assaults all through COVID-19, fuelled by the volume of sensitive pandemic-associated facts hosted in the sector.

One particular of the most popular threats is ransomware, which sees attackers lock up the victim’s information, then need highly-priced payments to release it. Even so, there is no assurance that attackers will return the knowledge at all. They might even go a stage even further and market confidential clinical data on the black current market.

To beat these assaults, healthcare organisations want a details storage and backup remedy with data snapshot abilities that can aid speed up the time to recovery for healthcare organisations. The snapshots are not able to be deleted or tampered with, so IT teams can carry out recovery as swiftly as feasible.

Pure’s FlashBlade™ and SafeMode snapshots, for case in point, enable IT departments to create read-only, immutable, snapshots of backup details and associated metadata catalogs right after a complete backup. Facts can be recovered straight from these snapshots, guarding health care organisations against attacks by ransomware and even rogue admins.


In the earlier, health care services relied on regular solutions like locked submitting cabinets and air-gapped computer systems. Nevertheless, paper-primarily based info just take up substantial physical area and it is practically impossible to retail store today’s extensive amount of money of electronic facts in analog sort.

Even legacy electronic storage solutions may well stumble at assembly the massive storage calls for of electronic data. As health care organisations make their shift to the cloud, they may perhaps also have to grapple with the complexity of on-premise and cloud-based mostly storage.

Storage requirements will inevitably increase, so it is significant to select a answer that can scale together with organisations without including needless price, complexity, or disruption. For case in point, Pure’s modern day Storage-as-a-Services (STaaS) methods take care of on-demand from customers storage throughout various environments and platforms with 99.9999% availability.

As a final result, healthcare organisations can pay for storage they need today, and update and scale seamlessly with tomorrow’s demands.


Speed is a key aspect when it arrives to facts functionality. When health care employees require answers, they seldom have time to wait for a slow program to respond. Instantaneous responses to their queries are essential to aid their most crucial responsibility – giving patient treatment.

To realize superior information functionality as a health care provider, you may possibly want to consolidate healthcare data workloads into a unified scale-out facts hub, or integrate AWS cloud workloads with on-premises facts methods.

Pure has the all-flash storage options and solutions you require to make your health care information storage uncomplicated, seamless, and sustainable.

Ultimately, health care organisations that get their storage infrastructure proper can posture on their own to leverage details for greater organisational general performance and enhanced client outcomes, via a contemporary details practical experience sent for a single and all.

Read through our whitepaper to discover out how you can foreseeable future evidence your organisation with a sturdy data defense system.