September 26, 2022

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The Intermediate Guide to Schutzhund Training

The Intermediate Guide to Schutzhund Training is the ultimate guide to protecting the family pet. Resi Gerritsen and Ruud Haak detail everything from the Dog Tug to Bite Pillow to Working tests. The Intermediate Guide to Schutzhund Training is a must-have for modern-day trainers with detailed instruction and photographs. Schutzhund training is not a casual sport: It requires patience, consistency, and diligence. You may also check out schutzhund training miami fl for additional knowledge about dog training.

Resi Gerritsen and Ruud Haak’s Book

With this new edition of the classic Schutzhund Training Manual, the authors teach the practical methods of tracking, obedience, protection, and more. In addition to providing examples of specific training problems and issues, this book also covers the theory behind the most effective K9 training methods. Schutzhund Beginners will enjoy this hands-on guide to the sport, and expert trainers will find new techniques to keep their dogs at peak performance. This book is a definitive guide for modern Schutzhund training.

The book covers details on how to pass an Ipo trial. The number of steps in various exercises is explained. With over 30 years of research, this is an excellent resource for Schutzhund training. The book is ruggedly designed for field use and includes a free eBook.

Dog Tug

If you are in the market for a dog tug, you might consider a Gappay Wood Dumbbell. These items are great for training and fun. They are made of leather and fiber mesh, and the 6cm rubber ball, known as the “Gappay,” can be used to train your dog. Protect your dog from harm with these helpful training tools. Also, they are great for keeping your hands free when your dog is in the dog tug.

A dog tug is a necessary part of Schutzhund’s training. It improves agility and drive, increases strength, and is an enjoyable reward for your dog. A dog tug will also encourage eye-mouth coordination and helps your dog bond with you. Plus, it’s safer than a stick or other toy. You can even buy a stuffed double-handled tug if you aren’t training your dog for competition.

Bite Pillow

Bite pillows are a crucial component of protection training. Your dog may not have been exposed to protection training during puppyhood as an adult. They are a versatile item with soft jute or Syntek covering that your dog can bite into. Bite pillows also come with leashes that attach to the biting side, ideal for puppy training. Consider purchasing a bite pillow with a neoprene lining for a more effective training session.

A biting pillow is the most common training tool for dogs in Schutzhund competitions. The Bite Pillow in the Intermediate Guide to Schutzhund Training includes instructions on using it. Buying a high-quality bite pillow will ensure your dog’s safety during the training session.

Working tests

The Working tests in The Intermediate Guide to Schutzhund Training focus on three main areas of the dog’s training: mental stability, endurance, and structural efficiency. Tracking tests assess the dog’s willingness to work, perseverance, courage, and trainability. They vary depending on title and length, and the dog must scent the entire track, regardless of its condition. This training is not for the clumsy dog or unable to keep track.

The Schutzhund sport began as a way to select the best working dogs for breeding purposes. Over time, it evolved to more sophisticated functional tests to identify the most suitable breeding stock for police, customs, and military work. Many countries have national Schutzhund teams composed of the top handler and dog pairs. 

Tactical bite sleeves

Tactical bite gear is essential for continuing protection and agility training with a Schutzhund. The latest versions of tactical bite sleeves are durable, high-quality materials. These sleeves include a cover made of French Linen, which is durable enough to handle the rigorous training involved in the Schutzhund competition. It is also recommended for championships and trials. These sleeves can be purchased separately or as a complete set with the IGP sleeve.

The sleeve has a protective purpose: it allows the dog to develop skills that improve full mouth grip. The sleeves have been designed to produce outstanding police, guard, and military service dogs. These sleeves are made of sturdy materials, and some even feature protective shields on the shoulder straps. The covers are made of French linen or jute. These bite sleeves also prevent the dog from slipping inside.