October 3, 2023

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How To Build a Better Relationship With Your Horse

If you want to be a great horseback rider, it’s important to spend some time developing a bond with your mount. Riding your horse once every few days isn’t enough time to build a strong relationship. You can start improving your bond with your equine companion by using these three tips.

Try a New Event

Many riders like to participate in competitions, and there are many types of events to choose from. If you want to get out of your comfort zone and force yourself to trust your horse, consider trying a new type of riding. For example, if you’re used to trail riding, give jumping a shot. Buy roll top horse jumps and practice jumping in the comfort of your home arena. Getting out of your normal routine is a great way to bond with your horse.

Pamper Your Horse

Just like people, horses love to be pampered. A thorough grooming session is a great way to spend extra time with your pet when you don’t have time for a ride. Make sure you get all of the dirt out of your horse’s coat and spend time detangling its mane and tail. Give your animal companion a bath when necessary, and make sure you clean its hooves daily. You can even use equine massage to help your pet relax.

Reward Your Mount

Horses love praise and treats, so you can drastically improve the bond between you and your pet if you reward your pet for good behavior. Offer plenty of praise during every ride. You can also carry a treat for your mount every time you visit the barn. Carrots and apples make great treats that are both delicious and healthy!

Developing a bond with your horse takes time and energy. Use these tips to build a better relationship with your mount and become a better horseperson.