June 24, 2024

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How to stay wholesome, safe and sound this Thanksgiving getaway

The Austin Fire Department's demonstration of how not to fry a turkey makes the point clearly with the flames of a grease fire. Texas ranks first for the most grease and cooking fires on Thanksgiving Day.

All set for Thanksgiving? Xmas? Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? New Year’s?

If we are not mindful, the season’s hustle and bustle as well as vacation hazards can get to us, sending us on a trip to the unexpected emergency space.

ER health professionals are all set for the not-so-enjoyable festivities they see this time of year. Affected individual visits generally rise during the holidays — not on the holiday seasons them selves, but on the days prior to and following, medical specialists say.

This is what the ERs are expecting to see and how you can prevent the journey:

Preventing viruses like COVID through Thanksgiving celebrations

We now have a double dose of viruses. Flu has hit early this 12 months. It is building up more than 10% of trips to the doctor in Travis County, and a lot more than one-third of all tests for flu are coming back optimistic.