November 28, 2022

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Starting New Relationships in Assisted Living Facilities

Nowadays, it is often difficult for a senior to find love, following a divorce or the death of his spouse, for example. Yet, there are more and more simple ways to find your soul mate after more than 60 years. Indeed, after having lived a busy and active life, retirement offers a perfect opportunity to live your desires. This is why many single seniors or widowers are looking for company again for this new adventure in their lives. 

The Golden Age

This article will allow you to understand that love has no age and that falling in love again in the golden age is beneficial to live a retirement full of adventures. And finally, you will discover our tips to find love by being a senior. You can even find love in an assisted living facility, believe it or not! Let’s look at the situation in which many seniors find themselves after losing a partner of many years and the possibilities that exist. 

Love Beyond Age

Many elderly people are victims of social isolation, following death or divorce with their partner. Indeed, there are millions of seniors who live alone, and social norms do not encourage them to “rebuild their lives”. Some even think it is too late, especially if they end up in an assisted living facility, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. 

The Changes

Things have changed in recent years, with a divorce rate of seniors increasing by 40%. But at the same time, with an increase in senior relationships of 15%. These are figures that really testify to a willingness on the part of the elderly to be tempted by new romantic relationships. And yes, love does not only belong to youth, but also to seniors. Throughout the years, the only difference in love is the transformation and adaptation of everyone’s needs and lifestyle habits. Eventually, the love life of being a senior simply evolves.

Starting New Relationships

While in an assisted living facility, there are opportunities to meet new people and form special relationships. So, never give up on love. Open yourself to embracing others, even if it is only for companionship and also for social ties. So, if you find yourself in a Jacksonville Florida assisted living facility, be on the lookout for starting new relationships.