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It Has To Do With Cavities

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Dr. Joyce Kahng, DDS, is a 35-12 months-aged beauty and restorative dentist from Costa Mesa, California who owns Orange and Magnolia Dental Studio. She’s also a mother, and she recently went viral on TikTok for her sequence explaining why she does not — beneath any situation — kiss her baby on the lips:

In her most viral video clip — which presently has in excess of 2.4 million sights — Dr. Kahng clarifies that when she was in dental university, they did an experiment where they swabbed their mouths and grew their saliva in a petri dish. She identified that she carried a larger sized total of cavity-causing bacteria than her friends, which she could then move on to her baby and also give him a lifetime of cavities. As a result, she manufactured the final decision that there would be no lip-kissing.

Dr. Joyce's petri dish, full of bacteria, side-by-side with a peer's petri dish with barely any bacteria


BuzzFeed attained out to Dr. Kahng for extra information, and she verified that kissing on the lips — as properly as other issues, like sharing utensils — can in truth transfer cavity-creating micro organism, in particular in younger children.

“Germs can transfer by means of salivary exchange and this is more common for small children, a lot less popular for adults,” Dr. Kahng explained. “Children are not in fact born with the microbes that brings about cavities. These microbes are transferred to them at an early age, normally from their caregiver by functions like kissing and sharing utensils. Immediately after the age of 4 yrs old, a child’s oral microbiome has matured and is one of a kind to them, building them additional resistant through situations of salivary trade.”

A child at the dentist

The germs in problem is called streptococcus mutans, which Dr. Kahng describes as the “major important cariogenic pathogen.” She explained, “This microbes feeds off of sugars in our eating plan and produces acid as a byproduct. Acid generated by this bacteria will dissolve the enamel layer and sort a cavity…the a lot more of this germs we have, the more difficult it will be to prevent decay.”

Peter Cade / Getty Visuals

Dr. Kahng also confirmed that no make a difference how significantly we brush and floss, we still could possibly close up with a lot more cavities than the human being upcoming to us. “Some folks are far more predisposed to cavities than other folks no matter of their stage of oral hygiene, and which is due to the fact we are not all the identical! There are a quantity of variables moreover oral hygiene that make persons susceptible to this condition, this sort of as micro organism and genetics.”

Dr. Squatch

She continued, “This is not a disorder of neglect, but somewhat susceptibility. If you’re a patient who’s inclined, it only will take a low stage of biofilm to express the condition. For a affected person like this, protecting against illness is an uphill struggle.”

Dr. Kahng told BuzzFeed that she decided to make her sequence in order to share details and also to share her “mom struggles” when it came to preserving her baby’s mouth cavity-absolutely free: “Inspite of my greatest intentions, I observed it was significantly extra challenging than predicted to retain kisses from my very little a single, and also be aware about pre-tasting his foods and using his utensils. Often it’s not straightforward to use the knowledge of science to actual existence (irrespective of whether you’re a doctor or not). I then realized a large amount of people don’t know this science at all — I myself only acquired it in dental university.”

“As a dentist, one of my ambitions is to educate other folks, and I do not consider this type of information and facts ought to be a privilege. I also did not want to shame any one or make any mothers feel undesirable if they’d now been sharing food items, so I held the videos considerably less about what you ‘should’ do and more about what I have personally decided on to do specified my caries charge.”

As for how to more avoid this sort of cavity susceptibility in kids — and later on on, grown ups — Dr. Kahng stated, “It all starts with the oral wellness of the moms and dads. I suggest my people attempt to consider treatment of their personal active oral ailment prior to pregnancy. This sets up superior practices and an awareness to move forward to their children. When I discover out a person of my patients is possessing a little one, I attempt to have a dialogue with them about when they can start bringing their kid to the dentist and commence introducing brushing. Currently being on the entrance end of items is the intention — education is electrical power!”

And and lastly, Dr. Kahng extra, “Oral hygiene instruction really should be customized for the human being, since people today are vulnerable to various things. To say it’s all about brushing and flossing is an oversimplification. Brushing and flossing is certainly vital, but I think it’s critical that we as healthcare pros just take the time to tailor recommendations and definitely enable a affected person realize their stage of susceptibility. Only then can individuals choose real accountability of their oral health.”

As someone with about a million fillings in her mouth who’s been shamed by many dentists, terms can not describe how RELIEVED I am by this data. You can observe Dr. Kahng on TikTok and Instagram to look at her total series and learn even much more about oral well being.